Support the work of Center for Baptist Leadership

Renewing the SBC from within

Defending the SBC from those who seek its destruction

Serving as a better Baptist voice in the public square

Support the work of Center for Baptist Leadership

The Center for Baptist Leadership is a national non-profit whose mission is to ensure the SBC stays faithful to the Bible and its historic Baptist commitments in an increasingly hostile and anti-Christian society. We exist to bring institutional transformation to the SBC by raising up the next generation of courageous Baptist leaders who refuse to bend under secular pressure or compromise with worldly ideologies. 

Your donation will help ensure quality resources can be produced to train, educate, and equip pastors, lay members, and institutional leaders to strengthen the SBC and ensure it remains steadfast in its commitment to sound theology and the true Gospel message. Our goal is to renew the SBC from within, defend it from those who seek its destruction, and to serve as a better Baptists voice in the public square. We welcome all churches and individuals who share this mission to prayerfully consider supporting us in this vital work. 

All contributions to the Center for Baptist Leadership are tax deductible. Please contact us if you would like to support this critical work to revitalize the SBC.