Biden’s Title IX Transgender Edict and Ryan Walters’ Defiance

Dusty Deevers

Serpentine Theocracy vs. God’s Creation Order


In an act of revolutionary fervor, the Biden Administration’s cohort of zealots revised Title IX to codify entitlements for “transgender” women—that is, young men play-acting as the opposite gender—to enter young women’s sports and private spaces. This act of bureaucratic gnosticism attacks the very essence of man and womanhood as ordained by the Creator, throwing off the most rudimentary of common sense beliefs necessary for a functioning society. These revisions are nothing more than the inevitable outworkings of putting the pagans in charge. 

Thankfully, amid this moral and cultural upheaval, Oklahoma’s State Superintendent Ryan Walters remains a steadfast defender of biological realism, sanity, and Christian morality—using his God-ordained position of civil authority to challenge this overreach. As a Baptist pastor and elected official in the state of Oklahoma myself, I’m thankful for Walters’ swift action to obey God and defy tyrants.

While the transanity spreading across our nation is new, the deeper reality is that it is yet another modern manifestation of an eternal struggle, the ongoing battle between good and evil, between the seed of the Serpent and the children of God. As Christians and stewards of truth, our generation now faces a cultural and moral crisis, just like many generations of saints faced before us, albeit on different issues. The question is not whether the church will eventually pay attention and take action to fight back. The question is who will be the first to lead the way in confronting the pagans and how long it will take the sleepy and emasculated American church to join them. Ryan Walters is rising up. Who will answer the call and do the same?

You Will Have Men in Your Daughter’s Restroom, and You Will Like It

Under the guise of “equality” and “rights,” the Biden Administration has now positioned itself against the biological and spiritual realities that form the bedrock of civilized society. President Biden’s Title IX changes codify protections for gender-fluidity, gender-nonconforming, and intersex-identifying students in female spaces. 

The National Center for Transgender Equality gets straight to the point. They explain that Biden’s changes “make it clear that the general provisions of Title IX also protect gender-nonconforming and intersex students from harassment and discrimination.” They boldly assert that the change means that “trans students may not be barred from any covered educational programs on account of their gender, denied access to restrooms, locker rooms, and showers consistent with their gender, dress codes may not be applied against trans students in a discriminatory manner, trans students may not be subjected to invasive examinations to prove their gender.”

A question, then, must be raised: Will Biden’s Title IX amendments include protections for all self-curated identities? The answer, of course, is yes. Today, there are men in the girl’s locker; tomorrow, there will be furries. 

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona maintains that these regulations will create “safer” and more “welcoming” schools even while they oppose basic truths recognized throughout human history. Dismissing the binary nature of gender as a mere “social construct” rather than a cornerstone of God’s creation is to inject toxic sludge into the veins of a society certain to go septic. Like the body, the septic society will have an extreme immune system response, causing organ failure and even death. This is not progress; it is regressive, self-administered suicide.

Queer theory, a monstrous innovation of postmodern philosophy, now claims dominion over definitions that nature’s God has set in stone. Just watch: the next edict will demand we regard the World Health Organization (WHO) as our new liberator, the Global Alliance for Emancipation (GAE).

The laughter you hear is not from the White House policy team but from every blue-collar job site, rural church, and homestead across America, where Christian-influenced common sense still prevails. The latest Regime dictate now demands that hereafter, sports, locker rooms, and even scholarships shall overlook the immutable truths of our created order in place of the transient moods of identity and the fluidity of feelings. What’s next? 2+2=5? Big Brother is here to help? Paganism is double plus good?

Christian Antibiotics for our Sick Culture: Ryan Walters’ Example

Again, from a Christian understanding of history, the demonic injection of sinful disorder into society is nothing new. It is all over the pages of Scripture, beginning in Genesis 3. In Scripture, we also are privy to examples of courageous physicians delivering the antibiotics of the law and gospel of Jesus Christ straight into the veins of fallen people and cultures.

Amidst this engineered chaos, Oklahoma State Schools Superintendent Ryan Walters is a bulwark of sanity and Christian resistance. Last week, Walters issued a bold refusal to comply with these federal mandates, charging Oklahoma superintendents to defy these decrees that not only transgress the biblical and prima facie truth of biological distinction but also outright threaten the sanctity and safety of our young women. 

Walters understands the ideological manipulation at play, writing, “We will not stand by as the federal government attempts to impose a false understanding of gender that threatens the safety and well-being of our students.” For Walters, these new rules are not just about safeguarding girls’ sports or privacy; they are a usurpation of God and the Mengele-esque embrace of civilizational destruction.

His resistance echoes the zeal of a father protecting his children, especially his daughters. And Walters is not alone in the fight. Increasingly greater numbers of sensible citizens both recognize and appreciate Walters’ lion-like courage. More and more young men, in particular, are rejecting the absurdities of clown world, trash world, or trans world—whatever you want to call it—and are embracing the enduring truths of Christian wisdom and simple decency.

Strange Bedfellows: Title IX Expansion, John Money, and TERF Wars

A little more background may be helpful here. These radical Title IX changes didn’t just come out of nowhere, and Christians should be aware of some of the historical developments that worked to push us down the slippery slope to men in your daughter’s locker room. There are three in particular that I want to consider here: The feminist influence on Title IX expansion, John Money and his wicked experiments, and the TERF Wars. 

Feminism, Gender Roles, and Title IX
Activists and legislators like Patsy Mink, a self-avowed feminist activist and chief sponsor of Title IX, spearheaded the push for it as part of the Education Amendments of 1972. Mink believed women faced widespread discrimination. Title IX’s drafters intended to bring equal access for women to higher education, athletics, and funding.

However, some hyper-equal opportunists simply could not leave well enough alone. In the late 1970s, feminism embraced postmodern theory (the belief that language and raw power determine and construct truth and reality) and applied it to societal roles. This is known as social and linguistic constructionism. They claimed that what you say you are, you are. By simply naming something, you become it. They asserted that it was societal expectations of women and not biological sex that constructed the female gender. Thus, societally imposed role norms had to be deconstructed for women to be liberated. 

While they first sought to deconstruct “roles,” a shift along the way turned the project into an attempt to deconstruct biology. The revolution never stops exactly where the current class of revolutionaries wants it to, does it?

John Money’s “Gender Identities” and a Deadly Experiment
John Money, a psychologist and sexologist, redefined the cultural lexicon by separating “gender identity” from biological sex in his infamous “John/Joan” case. He argued that sex reflects bodily realities while gender is based on societal constructs. 

The John Money experiment involved David Reimer, born Bruce, a biological male, and his twin brother, Brian. At eight months old, Bruce’s circumcision was botched, severely damaging his penis. His parents, concerned about his future happiness and sexual functionality, consulted Money, who recommended a radical treatment: Raise Bruce as a girl. Following Money’s advice, Bruce was castrated, renamed Brenda, and raised as a female under the guidance that gender identity is primarily learned and could be changed with the correct upbringing.

Money reported the experiment as a success, proving that the gender reassignment had demonstrated that nurture, not nature, determines gender identity. In truth, Reimer suffered his whole life. As he grew older, he learned the truth about his past, re-assumed his male identity, renamed himself David, and underwent surgeries and treatments to undo as much of the damage as he could. Tragically, both David and his brother Brian suffered lifelong psychological issues, and both eventually took their own lives.

Prior to Money’s work, the terms “sex” and “gender” were used interchangeably and referred to the biological realities of males and females. At the time, his experiment propelled the postmodern conception that gender is shaped by a tapestry of social, cultural, and personal influences and not God-ordained, biological determinism. Despite the glaring and lethal consequences of Money’s folly, American society (the academy in particular) did not learn the obvious lesson. Money’s responsibility for the suicide of the Reimer twins was just the beginning; his demonic philosophy is now contributing to the death of all of Western Civilization.

The TERF War and Strange Bedfellows
In the face of this double-plus-bad insanity, some feminist groups known as TERFs (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists) are doubling back and locking arms with conservatives to protect their “pure” form of feminism sans the trans agenda. TERFs argue that “trans women are really men; Most of their ideas are a threat to cisgender women’s safety.”

A representative from the Women’s Liberation Front, a TERF group, macro-aggressed Biden’s 1984-esque redefinition, arguing, “Sex is grounded in materiality, whereas ‘gender identity’ is simply an ideology that has no grounding in science. The redefinition of the word ‘sex’ to mean ‘gender identity’ would have myriad harmful effects on women and girls, and women and girls as a distinct category deserve civil rights protections.” Feminist scholars also critique Queer Theory because its focus on fluidity and the deconstruction of gender categories have erased the importance of the specific experiences and struggles faced by women. Clearly, the Biden Administration’s Title IX expansions have not been only met with overwhelming support from the Left.

Queer Theory and Pagan Ideologies in Appointments & Policy Making

Where does this leave us now? In the middle of a new, aggressive, and rising paganism. What we see in the Biden Administration is an outworking of the infiltration of Queer Theory into federal policy. Through its denial of created nature and embrace of fluid identities, neo-paganism mirrors the abominable practices warned against in Scripture. Perhaps unwittingly, our ruling class’ decision-making too often resembles the pagan practices of ancient Canaanites, who sought empowerment through abominations, worshiping creation rather than the Creator.  

Despite professing Roman Catholic beliefs, President Biden has appointed several transgender individuals to key governmental positions. Here are just a few: 

  • Dr. Rachel Levine: Assistant Secretary of Health at the Department of Health and Human Services. Levine was the first openly transgender federal official confirmed by the Senate.
  • Shawn Skelly: Assistant Secretary of Defense for Readiness at the Department of Defense. Skelly is one of the highest-ranking transgender officials in the administration.
  • Sam Brinton: Former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposal at the Department of Energy. Briton identifies as gender-fluid and non-binary, using they/them pronouns. He was also fired for stealing women’s luggage at airports.
  • Gautam Raghavan: Director of the Presidential Personnel Office. Though not transgender or non-binary, Raghavan is an openly gay official who has played a significant role in promoting LGBTQ+ inclusivity.
  • Karine Jean-Pierre: White House Press Secretary. Jean-Pierre is the first openly gay woman to hold this position. She has been outspoken against ‘anti-trans’ legislation and regularly emphasizes the Biden administration’s commitment to “supporting” LGBTQ+ individuals.

Biden’s embrace of the radical transgender agenda directly contradicts the RCC’s teachings on gender and sexuality. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, “Male and female he created them’ (Genesis 1:27). Everyone, man and woman, should acknowledge and accept his sexual identity” (CCC 2333). Biden’s actions not only sow confusion but also represent a broader cultural challenge to the natural laws revered by believers worldwide. The Biden Regime’s appointment of multiple transgender individuals, coupled with the Title IX rewrite, signals a deep commitment and shift towards a form of neo-paganism that redefines human nature itself.

Cultural and Spiritual Consequences

The implications of blurring gender distinctions reach far beyond America’s bathrooms and sports teams. They strike at the heart of the familial structure and societal order ordained by God. Scripture is unequivocal about the distinct sex and roles of men and women (Genesis 1:27), and when these divine blueprints are ignored, chaos and depravity inevitably follow. The spiritual decay we witness today is symptomatic of a broader rebellion against God’s authority—a rebellion that promises liberation but delivers bondage.

Proponents argue that these revisions are a progressive step towards equality and safety for transgender students. However, this perspective is deeply flawed. It fails to recognize that true safety and equality come from respecting the natural order, not from rewriting it. The push for inclusivity at the expense of truth does not result in freedom for all but rather imposes new chains on society—chains of confusion and moral relativism. The harm lies not in upholding biological truths but in abandoning them. When we forsake the natural order, we forsake the foundation of human dignity and civilizational longevity.

Rejecting Abominable Cultures

Just as God commanded the Israelites to avoid and reject the abominable practices of the Canaanites, Christians today are called to oppose the modern equivalents of cultural decay and idolatry that surround us. Our stand is not merely about resistance; it is about choosing to cultivate a culture rooted in truth and reverence for the Creator and those created in His image. The battlefront is clear: It is within our families, our schools, our communities, our churches, and our government. We are to establish a culture of life and truth in direct opposition to the culture of death and deception.

The New Theocracy: Transhumanist Paganism as State Religion 

Yuval Noah Harari’s assertion that “organisms are algorithms” ripe for manipulation exemplifies a broader cultural shift toward seeing humans as mere data points to be manipulated. His push for transhumanism exemplifies the new theocracy taking hold—where technology and paganism replace God. This ideology extends into the classroom, shaping young minds to accept a world without absolute truths, one in which they’re encouraged to change their realities, identities, bodies, and authorities as easily as applying new software updates, all while disregarding the inherent design embedded within them by their Creator. 

This new theocracy is a modern manifestation of an ancient battle, emanating from the same forked tongue that asked our first parents, “Did God really say?” It is a Serpentine Theocracy, one that seeks to overthrow God’s order with human-designed, devil-influenced chaos. It coerces society to worship at the altar of self-creation and liberation from the “constraints” that creation rightly places upon us. Under the guise of fighting for rights, the New Theocrats wage war against the image of God in humanity. Hate crime laws have effectively become the new blasphemy laws, punishing those who dare speak the truth about human nature and God’s design.

Countering the Gender-Benders: A Call to Action

Mourning and criticizing the disintegration of moral values is not enough; we must also act. 

Pray. Return to the Lord. Educate yourselves. Educate others. Engage in politics at every level. Write to and call your representatives. Speak out in your communities against the distortion of truth. Advocate for policies that reflect the truth of Scripture and promote the well-being of all individuals, anchored in the wisdom that has guided countless generations.

Ryan Walters has shown us that even one man in the arena, firmly rooted in biblical conviction, can indeed make a difference. Let us join him in this critical battle for the hearts and minds of the next generation.

Conclusion: Upholding Truth in an Age of Deception

In this time of profound deception, the battle transcends mere policy disputes against the Title IX amendments enacted by the Biden Administration; it is fundamentally a spiritual confrontation against forces undermining divine order. As stewards of biblical truth, we must not only resist but actively dismantle these neo-pagan ideologies, reaffirming our commitment to God’s unchangeable truths. 

By emulating leaders like Ryan Walters, who stand firm against cultural and moral erosion, we safeguard the very essence of our society and ensure that our actions glorify God, preserve our foundational values, and secure a righteous path for future generations. Let me be clear: We are fighting for the very soul of our nation. Ultimately, who we are is not determined by the laws of men but by the unerring laws of nature’s God and His ruling Son, King Jesus.

Because in the beginning, He made them male and female. And what God has set into the very fabric of creation, no serpent nor progressive President can ever truly undo.

  • Dusty Deevers

    Dusty Deevers is a pastor at Grace Reformed Baptist Church of Elgin, State Senator for Oklahoma District 32, and CEO of Deevers Properties. Dusty has worked in SBC life for decades and previously served on the staff at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author of Christian resources on abolishing abortion, the Christian view of the role of civil government, and Loving Your IVF Neighbor: In Vitro Fertilization, Assisted Reproduction Technologies, and Loving Your Neighbor as Yourself. He holds an M.Div. from SWBTS.